#AGGF2018 Event: Advancing Climate Action Plans (NDCs) Workshop

Date & Time: 26 November 2018 | 14:30-16:30

Location: AD12, Kigali Convention Centre


The World Bank, with targeted support through the NDC Support Facility, is designing how to program and support the implementation of Rwanda’s climate and NDC agendas through supporting the Partnership Plan. Now, with a final Plan in place and an opportunity to coordinate the respective development partners with overlapping programs or corresponding development partners in similar activities, this event will dive into opening up the hood of the Partnership Plan for the purpose of distinguishing support activities for maximized impact and deepened coordination.

This two-hour event will bring together the development partners who have contributed to the Plan and share points of contact, distinguish projects and coordinate with the in-country facilitator on how to carry forward the Plan jointly.

Proposed Speakers
  • Dr. Pablo Cesar Benitez, Senior Environmental Economist, World Bank
  • Dr. Pablo Vieira, Global Director, NDC Partnership Support Unit
  • Tentative Programme
  • Introduction of the contributors to the Partnership Plan
  • Overview of the resources available to support NDC implementation with focus on the NDC Partnership’s Knowledge Portal
  • Process of coordination
  • Communication strategy and methods for tracking and sharing progress on implementation of the Plan
  • Foster a collective understanding of the government’s goals and who is doing what
  • This event will focus on the programming of the NDC Support Facility funding, but also allow for other development partners who are contributing to the Partnership Plan to coordinate between themselves as well. The World Bank, with the NDC Support Facility, and the NDC Partnership have already provided some resources to kickstart NDC and climate action implementation. The full achievement of Rwanda’s green growth and climate agenda, much more will be needed to achieve those ambitious goals.